What We Can Learn From Pythagoras

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“Choices are the hinges of destiny.” –Pythagoras

Everything we are and everything we will ever be will be determined by the choices we either do or don’t make. We can either choose to begin or not. We can choose to learn more or not. We can choose to study or not. Our destiny is not some predetermined outcome which has been decided for us. Our destiny is what we make it, and our choices are what determine it.

As human beings, we have the greatest gift available to us on the planet. We have the ability to think and reason; we have free will. There is no other creature on earth with this amazing gift. Each and every day we receive an allotment of time to accomplish all that we choose to do in any given 24-hour period. Obviously, we cannot do everything in one day, so we must develop effective strategies to manage our choices for each day. If we leave this important decision to chance, the day will surely run us, instead of us running the day.

Decide right now, in this moment, not tomorrow, not “someday,” but right now. Decide what it is you really want and decide what you are willing to give in return for its attainment. This one decision will have more to do with your destiny than anything else.

When we decide to take full responsibility for our choices, we are empowered, in that moment, to make as many mistakes as required for us to succeed and achieve. It is only the unsure mind, the apprehensive mind, that second guesses and questions each decision with what-if questions.

Our destiny hinges not on the decisions of our past, but on the decisions we make today, and the decisions we will make tomorrow, and the next day, and the one after that. And that is because all of the decisions we make are only ever made “one day at a time.” Let the past serve as a reflection for the future. Destiny is a choice.

The teachings of Pythagoras give us a foundation from which to begin any new endeavor we choose. The ability to think and reason is viewed by many as a curse instead of a gift. When we pause to reflect, however, no matter what our view, we must, at a minimum, acknowledge what the ability to think and reason allows us. All other creatures in the animal kingdom operate purely from instinct. They are governed by a preconceived set of conditions that keep them from making any choices independent of instinct. The same is not true for human beings. We can, at any point in time, tear up the script of our lives and begin again with new information.

Keep Pedaling, Keep Going, Keep Growing!

Advance Confidently!

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