The Relationship Between Passion and Reason

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Our Passion Propels Us, Our Reason Guides Us


“Our passions are the winds that propel our vessel. Our reason is the pilot that steers her. Without winds the vessel would not move and without a pilot she would be lost.” -Saying on Passion, by Unknown

In the days of the great sailing ships, the wind was everything… Well, almost everything. Wind was obviously necessary, it was critical for movement, without it there was no progress, a ship was dead in the water without the wind. And as important as the wind was, it was only one of the components required for a great ship to be GREAT. Without sails, there was no way to capture the potential energy that existed in the winds. Therefore, the wind was only potential energy.

Once the wind was captured by the sails, it then existed as an element to propel the vessel. But without a way to direct the energy captured by the sails, the energy only produced movement, and movement without purpose and direction would carry the ship for sure, but to where? If a destination was ever to be reached, then there had to be a way to steer or guide the vessel. On a ship, the element for steering her is the rudder, for us, it’s our ability to think and reason. Our ability to chart a course and reach a specific destination in life is a gift. It is the gift of reason!

Our passion propels us. Our reason guides us. Without our passion, we only have access to some of the potential energy that exists for propulsion. Without a GREAT sail, our MINDSET, we only capture a small amount of the POTENTIAL that exists for each of us. And without the ability to think and reason, none of this would really matter because we would be like a great ship adrift on the ocean of life. Our reason is our rudder and our rudder is our reason.

Chart your course for success today! Put up your sails and capture all of the energy available with your ATTITUDE. Guide your vessel to its desired destination with skill and precision using your gift of reason. Be the best pilot, the best captain, the best leader, the best musician, the best salesperson, the best marketer, the best teacher, the best writer, the best parent, the best poet, the best teammate, the best photographer, the best friend, be the BEST of the best!

Keep Pedaling, Keep Going, Keep Growing!

Advance Confidently!

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